Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I write, because I want to rewrite the world. I write theatre, because I believe that the audience, like the playwright, should be world builders.

Every play creates a new vision of reality, a new method of understanding the world and people around us. I seek to facilitate this understanding in my plays through moving my audience in a radical act of empathy.

Fragmenting time and forms, the search for meaning becomes the connective tissue in my plays, binding together the audience and performer, the individual and the community. For when the audience is forced out of their automatic perceptions and assumptions, they begin to look outside of themselves.

I write theatre to remind the audience of what it is to be a stakeholder in humanity.

Sometimes science fiction, sometimes Southern Gothic, my plays grapple with our relationships, our identities, and our tribes. Through explorations of isolation, memory, imagination, and technology, my plays confront what brings us together, what tears us apart, and where our future lies.