Recommended by Eric Reyes Loo

  • The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!
    14 Sep. 2017
    I freaking love this play! It's funny, it's sad, it's weird and it's got great parts for actors. Deb's writing is incredible because it hits all the spots - the feels, the laughs and it makes you think. That skill is on display in full effect in The Super Variety Match Bonus Round. I've seen the play from reading through production. It's rare that a play is truly funny, truly entertaining and truly emotional. This play takes you on a real satisfying journey. I'm a huge fan of both this play and Deb's work.
  • Colonel's Chicken: A Fairy Tale
    24 Aug. 2017
    This play is not only funny, but thoughtful - and sad. And imaginative. It's wacky, weird, other worldly, but also full of heart and emotion. It's so good. By a playwright who deserves to be produced everywhere.
  • @thespeedofJake
    9 Jan. 2016
    Saw the production of this play recently and it grabbed me. The way that it shows grief just slowly eating away at one's spirit is incredible. But it also manages to be light in moments and shows how we somehow do misguided things in the midst of our pain. Yet our desire to put things back together again and make sense of tragedy is what heals us and makes us human. Love this play.
    9 Jan. 2016
    The Madres grips you and doesn't let go. It's an intensely emotional play that also happens to be political. This play crackles with tension in the best possible way. An incredible piece of writing that's getting lots of love, deservedly so.
  • Tara Obernier
    9 Jan. 2016
    This play is incredible. It has something important and funny to say about the times we're living in and the dangers of social media on our perceptions of each other and ourselves. Carrie writes with such vibrancy and intelligence in not only this play, but in all of her work. I'm shocked that more of her work isn't up here. She's an incredibly talented writer whose work should be produced more than it is.