Recommended by Franky Gonzalez

  • If the Shoe Fits
    21 Mar. 2020
    Look, when you gotta make your numbers you gotta make your numbers. Molly Wagner reframes a story most are familiar with and creates a unique and funny take on Cinderella story. Lovely piece of theatre that you'll get done before the stroke of midnight.
  • The Trouble with Mustard Greens
    21 Mar. 2020
    Maximillian Gill has a gift of painting a picture with words. In this lovely picture THE TROUBLE WITH MUSTARD GREENS he gives us a culture, the past, the present, and a hopeful future. Reconciliation with parents (especially immigrant parents) and one's own heritage after being raised in another land is a topic so universally touched upon, but rarely so elegantly done as Gill has done here. A lovely monologue, some great recipes, and a timeless story of a daughter coming to terms with herself and her past.
  • Viral Love
    21 Mar. 2020
    VIRAL LOVE takes the concept of "The Next Step" in dating and turns it inside out and sideways to fit the current events surrounding the global pandemic. It's a refreshing piece that retools and imagines a whole new way dates can (and may well in the near-future) be conducted. Philip Middleton Williams writes elegantly structured plays, and succeeds in doing so in the one-minute format.
  • Closedbook
    21 Mar. 2020
    I bust out laughing twice reading this play. Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos has a talent for infusing the macabre into everything. She has done it again with this little gem CLOSEDBOOK. It's a play that leaves you guessing and wondering until the very end and approaches subjects like artificial intelligence, hacking, and death with such aplomb and imagination that you can't help but congratulate the playwright.
  • The Unspoken New York Treaty
    21 Mar. 2020
    If this isn't what New York is without words, then I don't quite know what else will do it. Nelson creates a lovely piece of physicalized theatre that will show you exactly how we come together in dire circumstances. A great piece for mime, clowns, or anyone that wants to explore physical communication.
  • Photos with my Rapist (1 min)
    11 Mar. 2020
    A gut punch in one minute. Heartbreaking. Sad. Infuriating.
  • Last Gasp
    8 Mar. 2020
    David Beardsley's LAST GASP makes me recall several great works of poetry and literature. It recalls Eliot's final lines in The Hollow Men, it makes me think of Poe's sci-fi short The Converation of Eiros and Charmion, but with all of the humor and laugh out loud moments of the best most pitch black comedy routines. It'll have you feeling the stakes and working toward the massive reveal that will leave your jaw dropped. You'll laugh and then go "ohhh..." right after. A really fun, yet interestingly meditative, play about the human condition in the hour of greatest crisis.
    7 Mar. 2020
    The birth of friendships are always a beautiful thing to witness. In Marj O’Neill-Butler’s sensitive and humorous play FINDING HELP will take you on a journey that will make you both smile and appreciate the gravity of a much more frequently incurring scenario in the U.S. Equal measures funny and serious, this play is lovely and timely. I hope it has a long production life.
  • Attention Must Be Paid
    7 Mar. 2020
    A deeply human play putting guilt, art, parenthood, abandonment, and love together. To read this play isn’t enough. It should be read aloud to be experienced properly as any good play should be. Anna Tatelman makes a beautifully lyrical play that not only tells a story but also reflects two points of view going through a deep angst as time and historical events pass. A marvelous work.
  • Musings with Rabelais
    7 Mar. 2020
    What an amazing and absolutely delightful play. Steven Bogart creates a elevation through absurd and deliciously repulsive characters. Beautiful language, ridiculously hilarious circumstances, and—surprisingly—tender. A fun ride of a play. You will not regret reading it. Better yet, you will not regret reading it aloud with friends or producing this play.