Recommended by Ginger Lazarus

    14 Feb. 2021
    A beautiful, awkward dance of characters struggling to find themselves and care for one another. Tender, biting, and hopeful.
  • Don't Give Up the Ship
    30 Jun. 2017
    I love the bold experimentation with questions of gender identity, sexuality, and race, mixed in with a epic romp through history and very real family drama.
  • Bully Dance
    30 Jun. 2017
    A haunting, heart-breaking play in which the dream-like, ritual-like structure mirrors the other-worldly state of characters caught up in grief. BULLY DANCE embraces its painful subject in tender arms of compassion.
  • Fire on Earth
    30 Jun. 2017
    FIRE ON EARTH tells the story of Tyndale's translation in a sweeping, epic, theatrical style. Memorable characters fill this life-and-death struggle over the most important book of its time. An eternally relevant take on the power of knowledge and the danger of power.
  • Chore Monkeys
    30 Jun. 2017
    Leave it to Pat Gabridge to write a hilarious, disturbing play about assembling IKEA furniture. For people who have only ever hired freelancers to come into their home and help with tedious tasks, this is the view "behind the scenes." Dante and Peter's tense partnership keeps me laughing and horrified all along, and the play stands as a wry comment on how new economic realities intersect with race and privilege.
  • Drift
    30 Jun. 2017
    Haunting and lyrical, this play provides fertile ground for pain, loss, conflict, and compassion. No easy answers are offered on pesticide use or cultural divides--just a tangled mix of human longing and fear.
  • La Llorona
    22 Jun. 2017
    So much to love in this play, but here are my top two: 1) Huge, colorful characters from folklore taking up the stage in all their terrifying glory; 2) An honest and intricate representation of young women, figuring out themselves and their relationship to each other, fighting back against expectations and stereotypes, and just generally bumbling around in their humaness. Altogether, an exciting, visually stunning work blending the "real" world and the mythical.