Recommended by Jenni Lamb

  • Más
    30 Sep. 2020
    This powerful play about the struggle over Mexican American Studies in Tuscon is tightly written and extremely theatrical! It does the job of docudrama while also transcending the form. From the nuanced characters to the song, dance, and ceremony, this play deserves all the productions.
  • Night in Alachua County
    3 Nov. 2017
    This is horror writing at its best! Five complex and dynamic women must come to grips with a family secret and the gut-wrenching fallout. Night in Alachua County relies on psychological circumstances rather than cheap horror tropes to create a riveting and truly terrifying story.
  • Infatuation
    19 Oct. 2017
    INFATUATION is a bold and complex story about the impact of sexual harassment on a woman's personal life. As she grieves the loss of her dream job, she makes a mess of her personal relationships in an attempt to regain her power. Spare, smart dialogue pair drives this play that also features a dynamite female protagonist!
  • Creep (aka Loveland)
    20 Sep. 2017
    Because of the subject of this play, it could easily have become a melodrama. Instead, CREEP is focused on the rupture of the relationships, and the disharmony that the offense brings to the lives of ordinary people. This is a well-crafted, subtle play, about an extremely volatile issue. Very well done!