Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

As a playwright starting out, I knew one thing: plays are made to be performed. I began self-producing my work to gain the experience of working on new material in front of an audience. After producing readings of several of my own full-length plays, I began to receive offers of commissions and collaborations from other companies.

In 2014, I joined the Huntington Playwriting Fellows, and in 2017-2018 I served as the first Playwright in Residence at the Boston Public Library. In 2019, the play I wrote at the library, and developed with Fresh Ink Theatre, was awarded the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Fellowship in Dramatic Writing.

One thread runs through all these projects: my plays use laughter to slice into difficult subject matter. In my adapted libretto of a Gothic opera about vampires, I used humor and pop culture to skewer rape culture and misogyny. I am currently working on a one-man show that uses stand-up comedy and physical humor to delve into my personal journey with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Compelling large groups of strangers to laugh together in a dark room is a powerful way to break down barriers and inhibitions, and lead them into considering more serious material. Much easier to slide the medicine in once their mouths are wide open in glee.

In addition to my work with the professional scene in Boston, I have worked collaboratively as a performer and musician, and as a collaborator. For three years I've served as the Artist in Residence at Beaver Country Day School, developing, writing, and directing full length productions with students there, including SUBMERGED, an immersive murder mystery performed throughout the school, and THE NANOTHEATRE GAMES, a collection of 2 - 4 minute plays of all styles and themes.

I am thrilled to work collaboratively as a writer, educator, and maker in all ways, and I can't wait to make something with you.

Mission: Creating and Spreading Delight.