Recommended by John J King

  • ¡Mamágua!
    13 Mar. 2020
    I truly loved reading this play, which flips the coming-out-story on it's head and then hits that head with a giant gilded crucifix. Hilarious, terrifying, mystical and madcap. The play is also theatrical in delightfully simple and surprising ways - the story and the storytelling are chock full of secrets that keep unfolding until the end. Read it, produce it, watch it!
  • Frank Forgot his Wallet: A Credit Card Statement in 29 Scenes
    5 Mar. 2020
    I am happy to recommend Keith's great play FRANK FORGOT HIS WALLET. The play dives into credit, fair pay, power, and capitalism with humor, humanity, theatricality. Smartly structured to merge historical choices and contemporary results, the storytelling is densely layered and compelling throughout. Ambitious, fun, great read.
  • The Interrobangers
    18 Jul. 2019
    Hot Dog, this play is so good! Incredibly funny, while also genuinely eerie and mysterious. A genre piece that's also full of heart. And the theatricality is so exciting: from ghost hauntings, to talking dogs, and visions of your own younger self. This is genuinely one of the most delightful new play reads I've had in a while.
  • A Play Titled After the Collective Noun for Female-Identifying 20-Somethings Living in New York City in the 2010s
    18 Jul. 2019
    I had the extreme pleasure of reading this play recently. A delightful and powerful read all around, often laugh out loud funny, eerily haunting at times, full of beautiful relationships, and brazenly political while still fully engaging and human. It’s also simply but effectively theatrical – the kind of vision I can imagine on a huge stage, or one of those once-in-a-life late night experiences in a basement theatre that you never forget. High recommend!