Recommended by Matt Schatz

  • Grande Pumpkin Spice Solo Show
    19 Nov. 2018
    Whoa! This is a really cool little play. Lauren seems to examine large moments with a microscope and small moments with a telescope. Her language is so fresh and surprising. An emerging playwright to watch!
  • Actually
    7 Nov. 2017
    This play made me laugh and cry and ask so many important and challenging questions. What more could an audience ask for?
  • Welcome to Keene, New Hampshire
    7 Nov. 2017
    I love this play. Even on the early (first?) draft I heard, it made me appreciate being alive. I'd love to see a theater produce this.
  • The Last Match
    29 Aug. 2017
    Heart-racing, heartbreaking, funny, fun, inventive, innovative, enthralling and entertaining on the page; I can't wait to see it on the stage! A playwright at the top of her game!
  • Allond(R)a
    19 Aug. 2017
    This is a beautiful play by one of the most inspiring (and prolific!) young playwrights around. Gina's writing has so much heart!