Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

some statements:

I believe being an artist is a super power. I believe in using my powers for good.

I believe the empathy building power of theatre can be just as effective as a protest when it comes to enacting social change.

I believe if every community had an accessible theatre that they visited regularly where they discussed socio-political topics that were relevant to their lived experiences we'd be living in a radically different and more hospitable world.

I believe that a theatre landscape where the stories of my community are considered canon becomes possible with every new play I write, every creative team that gets to chew on that play, and every audience that gets to experience the play with their neighbors.

I believe that honoring the stories of our community is revolutionary.

I believe I am here to nurture a culture of access, community, wellness, consensus, joy, liberation, and matriarchy within the landscape of theatre in Philadelphia and beyond.