Maverick Schmit

Maverick Schmit

Hailing from Danville, Illinois, Maverick is currently studying playwriting under Arthur Feinsod (TABLE 17, COMING TO SEE AUNT SOPHIE, BETWEEN-THE-DAMS) at Indiana State University. He is the First Light Series director at Theater 7, Terre Haute's first year-round professional theatre company.


  • Lunch
    Excitement is in the air as John waits patiently in the park for his date.
  • The Beast
    Inspired by 'Bunnicula' by Deborah and James Howe, THE BEAST is a short play surrounding the mysterious creature that dwells in the home of Cat and Dog. Cat suspects something horrific is in their midst, Dog is unconvinced. Tensions rise as their family is endangered with each passing night.
  • Hers is the Head of a Wolf
    Time stands still. The shadows start to shift. Elise can't escape. HERS IS THE HEAD OF A WOLF is a dark tale exploring the haunting aftermath of sexual assault and what the mind will do to escape it.

Recommended by Maverick Schmit

  • Withdrawn
    11 Jul. 2016
    WITHDRAWN is brutal, shocking, and sincere. An eye-opening glimpse into the mind and struggle of those who try to escape a prison of their own making.
  • Funeral for a Sonnet
    11 Jul. 2016
    A masterful highlight of humanity's attitudes towards loss and mourning. A must read for those interested in presenting work that is as delightful as it is thoughtful.