Elise Kibler

Elise Kibler

Elise Kibler is an actor, writer, and director of theater, film, and tv.


  • Pretty Basic
    Three middle school girls navigate friendship, Snapchat, and nudes (whatever those are supposed to be!!) over the course of one afternoon homework session, to hilarious and devastating result.

    All roles are played by adult men without an ounce of parody.

    2023 O’Neill Playwrights Conference finalist.
  • What Your Problem Is
    The annual post-Christmas Choir Concert Karaoke Party (held, as always, in the Our Lady of Light Church basement) is drawing to a close. The last remaining choir members vie for choir director Patrick’s approval - who'll get the last solo of the night?!
  • Do It To Me If You Want
    On the lawn of a Halloween frat party, two students try… and try again to connect.

    A darkly comic, decidedly anti-moralizing exploration of the ‘gray area’ — all the shit we simply don’t have language for that nonetheless informs the people we become — and the way desire muddies what we think, versus what we say, versus what we do.