Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

At the intersection of environmental justice and queerness, Adam’s plays give agency and voice to naturalist narratives. In attempt to recover the archive of possibilities, while actively demoting capitalism’s influence on storytelling, their writing apposes environment and identity by embodying plurality and multiplicities in form and content. The intention of the work is to gift through the proliferation of stories that re-center collaborators and audiences toward the Earth.

By creating environmental and Earth-based stories, Adam looks to disrupt the narrative structure upheld through the gendered three act structure; they are instead inspired by naturally occurring structures – through geography, geology, environmental landscapes, and animal wisdom. Relying upon a decade’s worth of work with experimental colleagues through Buran Theatre, their plays propose alternative narrative structures to tell stories that have been forgotten or untold.

For initiating material, Adam looks toward the divisions manufactured through societal binaries, mining where they dissipate/dissolve/fold into each other in nature; for example, the Badlands as an environmental and geological active metaphor, where the high prairie erodes through falling towers toward a brief desert, then plateaus into the lower prairie. These are the boundaries where storytelling arises from the Earth’s structures; Adam’s plays position themselves as a means to engage the peripheries of social discourse and realign the spectator’s relationship to the natural, while gently removing violent binaries from the structure of our stories.

The plays Adam writes embrace impossibility, chaos, joy, the multiplicities of queerness, duration, repetition, humor, musicality, poetry, and the limits of theatricality.

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