Recommended by Mike Sockol

  • 153
    2 Dec. 2018
    A wonderfully reaffirming and reassuring play for those traveling through their mid-life crisis, or facing crisis at any point in their lives. Steve particularly captures beautifully the dialogue between younger and middle self, the same agonizing arguments I still have my younger son. Great piece for a ten minute festival.
  • The Memo
    2 Dec. 2018
    Greg Vovos offers the play that Dante might have written if he worked for General Electric or IBM. Two typists struggle with an absurd workplace characterized by an escalating collection of restrictions. The climax solves nothing, and our two main characters continue to struggle in an environment more bleak than either Didi or Gogo could have imagined. Even in such desperation, Vovos carefully balances the pathos and humor, making me truly care about Chris and Joe and curious about their ultimate fate.
  • I'll Tell You at Sunrise
    16 Aug. 2018
    A suicidal man, a wise vagabond, a empty hole and a best sub sandwich in the world. With economy of style and authentic wordsmanship, Gonzalez mixes these ingredients into a simple and stunning case for why living makes sense after all. An excellent addition to any one-act festival.
    3 Aug. 2018
    Szymkowicz writes an “Our Town” for the 21st century. A humane, aching look at the dynamic of love that simultaneously demonstrates both is permanence and fragility. A great play for a large cast, such as a high school, college or community theater.
  • The Kitty Bomb (ten minute comedy)
    1 Aug. 2018
    A delightful and fun read. Daly really captures the love, bonding, and zaniness of these three siblings. Smart dialogue and appealing characters makes this a play I would love to see performed live.
  • KiKi Pineapple Starring In: "Saving the World!"
    1 Aug. 2018
    Delightful. The idea that friendship itself is an act of heroism is a timeless and timely concept. The entire play feels natural and welcoming, a beautiful tribute to the power of youthful imagination and forgiveness to save the world, no matter how large you wish it to be. Martin's play offers lessons for children of all ages, including those "children" with children themselves.
  • The Chair - a ten minute play
    30 Jul. 2018
    Rarely do chairs get an opportunity to play the protagonist, but if you are not careful it will suck you in in a very clever and fun play.
  • /ärt/
    29 Jul. 2018
    Martin creates a funny and biting commentary that speaks volumes about how we often arbitrarily judge talent and art. Sadly, "real" Mrs. Nottings and Mrs Crulls are lurking out there somewhere and we hope their zeal doesn't inflict too much emotional damage on us all. Delightful piece.
    29 Jul. 2018
    A briskly paced, creative piece of paranoia that makes you rethink every gaming app you ever played on your mobile phone.