Recommended by Hannah C Langley

  • Jew Kamp
    15 Apr. 2020
    This is one of my favorite plays EVER. I saw a reading of it at the Pasadena Playhouse and completely fell in love with Stephanie's hilarious approach to hard-to-approach topics.
  • Charlotte Stay Close
    15 Apr. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing the EST/LA production of this haunting piece about death and dying. Hamilton-Schmidt shows us the sharpness and violence of female grief and childhood trauma—the kind that women typically aren't allowed to feel, especially on stage! In these hard times, it's good to know and see imperfect responses to loss. It's good to know you aren't alone in your fear, anger, and desire to do the wrong thing when everything feels wrong with the world. It's good to feel like you aren't alone.
  • Unrivaled
    15 Apr. 2020
    This play about women living in 11th century Japan is probably the most relatable and accurate portrayal of female friendship I've ever seen on stage or screen. As a woman, loving yourself, others and your creative work is a complicated and often unpleasant juggling act. Narasaki illustrates this with her signature hilarious and poetic dialogue that perfectly balances the rich aesthetic of the period with the language of our present. I can't think of one thing I don't adore about this play. Send it straight to BROADWAY.
  • Just So Typically Me
    23 Feb. 2020
    I had the absolute blast of watching a workshop production of this wonderful, hilarious, and strangely personal play. Loftin truly captures the heart and soul of a pop star struggling to manage addiction and motherhood in an environment that demands too much and never gives enough.
    7 Jan. 2020
    "Journey To Alice" is one of those rare pieces of theatre that truly moves you, not just emotionally, but physically through space. A modern day Odyssey, Lynè's Valentine's Day journey with her mother leads her across the country, time, space and memory. Through a beautifully orchestrated symphony of musical interludes and voicemails, family secrets are revealed, pain is pulled from the shadows, and the characters are forced to face their past without delay.
  • Everlasting Chocolate Therapy
    27 Sep. 2019
    When you think of "pure imagination", I hope you think of "Everlasting Chocolate Therapy". This play is definitely a sweet treat. It's very hard to find sincerely fun and funny new plays in these dark days, but Hayet has given us exactly that—plus, a Golden Ticket! "Everlasting Chocolate Therapy" uses the framework of a beloved childhood classic to answer bigger questions for the characters and encourage us all to keep embracing change.
  • Santosha or The J3ng@ Play
    30 Jan. 2019
    All right, so this play is a wonderful gift! Never in my life have I read a play so fraught with conflict that was also driven by a protagonist actively trying to heal herself from page one. This level of self-awareness in her own struggle sets Melissa apart from the majority of protagonists dealing with trauma in recent memory. The play has humor and heart and handles darkness with a gentle and subtle hand. It's a visceral, physical piece that plays on the page but will translate even more beautiful when the world sees it staged. It's a winner.
  • Wood Boy Dog Fish
    28 Nov. 2018
    I am so thrilled this play is FINALLY available of NPX. I've seen both professional productions and I was floored each time. "Wood Boy Dog Fish" literally takes my breath away, strangling the senses with its violence, ultra-theatricality, and huge, huge HEART. I don't want to say too much and give away the many, MANY surprises in store for first-time readers, but I will say that this is one of the few plays that I have needed to see over and over again.
  • Blurrred: A Modern Fairy Tale
    31 Oct. 2018
    Like hyper-theatrical physical theatre with good politics and a family-friendly bent? Look no further than Blurrred, a refreshingly inclusive twist on the Red Riding Hood tale. Using familiar fairytale characters and tropes, Metz creates a world that we long to explore as much as Blue—Little Red Riding Hood's little sibling with more than one secret—does. But our scope is limited to what Red, our protagonist, is willing to let herself experience. Stunted by bias and fear, Red only ventures into the forest to find Blue but comes back with a new perspective.
  • A Family Portrait
    3 Oct. 2018
    I had the honor of seeing this piece premiered at the Fringe Festival this year and I had a genuine blast. This 15-minute musical explores grief with a lot of love and laughs. Fall in love with a gorgeous, unique, and memorable score from Angela Parrish as well as a fun and funny book/lyrics about love and loss by the fabulous Miss Metz.