Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

When I was in college I saw a performance by The Frankfurt Ballet under William Forsythe. It was like nothing I had seen before, a strange beast by turns confusing, infuriating and overwhelming. The Nutcracker it was not. When I finally gave up trying to understand what was going on up there on the stage, because it was, in my mind, clearly utter nonsense, I began to experience it viscerally. At the end of it I still had no idea what it was “about” but I left the theatre stunned to my core and never fully recovered from it.

This is what I am interested in as a writer. Things that do not always make sense to the head but are understood intuitively by the heart; theatre, not as an intellectual exercise but an emotional experience because I believe that our emotions can transform us in a way that our thoughts cannot.

I write for the stage because there for me it is the most alive of expressions. The energy between the audience, the actors and the story is not something to be found anywhere except in live performance. I love the ingenuity and courage of actors. Anything can go wrong but the mistakes become a part of the experience, make us feel we have shared something special that will never happen exactly that way again.

I am fascinated with what it is to be human in a frequently violent and bewildering world, what breaks some people apart emotionally and how others pull themselves through. Sometimes the victory is just to be standing after the dust has settled. I think about these things a lot and writing is a way for me to unravel my own experiences and those of others I know or read about.
I don’t have any interest in moralizing or coming up with answers and solutions to the puzzle of the human heart. I want to observe and question. I want to show who my characters are and what their stories are. The meaning of it, I feel, is up to the individual audience members. In the end we all make our own meaning and that is all we can do.

I have sometimes thought to myself, I must get a real job but I just can’t think of anything else I want to do.