Recommended by Tess Light

  • Blowing the Arrows
    16 Dec. 2018
    The circus setting of this play offers the chance for some fantastic design. Each character is full, well-drawn, and unusual enough to offer a tempting acting challenge. With a plot that unfolds with precision and poetic language, BLOWING THE ARROWS is a unique and moving play.
  • Aurora
    15 Dec. 2018
    AURORA beautifully depicts the many forms of love within a mythic dreamscape. Fantasy grounded in plausible humanity. Just lovely!
  • The Giant Desk Plays
    2 Dec. 2018
    Ingenious, comical, and endlessly inventive, the absurdism that delights without hiding shrewd insights into human nature. This is a great piece offering challenges and flexibility for a small, daring ensemble.
  • Some Park
    2 Dec. 2018
    Days after reading this, I'm still chuckling. And, to be honest, wincing a little over this perfect and piecing send-up of my own politics. Hilarious. Intelligent. Razor-sharp. (And hilarious.)