How do I edit my play? Can I upload a new draft? To edit your plays, click the Edit Play button in the upper right corner of the play page. You can then change any of the information you'd like to change and, if you'd like, remove the current draft of the script and upload a new one. Be sure to click Save when you're finished making changes.

How do I tag my play for an opportunity? If you received an email letting you know that a play you uploaded to the NPX is eligible for an opportunity, all you need to do is click the link in that email. If you are logged into the NPX when you do, you'll see a Tag Your Play button at the bottom of the opportunity page: if you click that button, you're done! And if you don't see that button, make sure you're logged in, then click the link in your email again.

I've joined and added some plays. Now what? Now your work is there to be discovered by the users who are searching the database! It's as simple as that. However, you can also help others find your work by adding links to your NPX profile to your email signature, sharing links to your plays in social media, and pointing people to your NPX pages whenever you share your work via email.


Why is the Download link not active for the play I want to read? Not all writers upload full drafts of their scripts. (Though roughly 90% of the writers in the NPX database do.) Some simply share samples and synopses. When a writer hasn't uploaded a full draft, the Download button will be inactive for that play.


How do opportunities work on the NPX? For a complete and detailed description, please visit our Facebook page and read our note about How NPX Opportunities Work.


How do I update my billing information? How can I purchase additional features? All you need to do is visit the Billing page under the Profile tab.  From there, you'll be able to update your credit card information or add a new subscription.


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