Flipping the script on how new plays
get shared and discovered.

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Playwrights, Lyricists, Composers, Devisers, Adaptors, and Translators

One place to share your work with the entire new play sector quickly and easily. One platform to make your work discoverable by precisely the right people. One smart system to connect you with targeted opportunities automatically.

Dramaturgs, Literary Managers, Producers, Directors, Designers, and Actors

A robust set of tools to help you find new scripts and new artists. A platform on which to record and save a career's worth of thinking about the theater. And a streamlined way to champion the work you value most highly.

Theaters, Development Organizations, Contests, Festivals, and Universities

A cloud-based script management system that lets you find, read, and evaluate exactly the plays you're looking for, enhanced by the insight of literary managers, dramaturgs, and other professionals throughout the new play sector.

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