Without Consent

In this timely and provocative drama, Carmen, the wife of an entertainment legend, is interviewing a nurse, Lisa, to supervise the care of her husband, who is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. In the process, the questioner becomes the questioned as Lisa confronts Carmen with sexual accusations against her husband and with her complicity in the alleged incidents.
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Without Consent

Recommended by

  • Paul Smith:
    25 Apr. 2021
    David Robson always writes with the sharpest of nibs. In 'Without Consent' he provides two actors with rapiers to joust with in an incredibly pertinent and powerful piece of theatre. Dealing with a raft of issues in common currency David's dexterity with words provides every reader/viewer/listener with a catalogue of thoughts to take away and consider. A masterful piece of theatre and a real challenge for theatre makers.
  • Seth Rozin:
    14 Feb. 2020
    I've read most of David's plays, and produced two, and I think Without Consent represents some of his best writing. Two strong characters locked in a room with high stakes is always a winner for me, and Without Consent does not disappoint. Timely, incisive and easy to produce, with great roles for two powerhouse actresses.
  • Patricia Durante:
    24 Feb. 2019
    Thoughtful, with powerful female characters, Without Consent keeps you on the edge of your seat. Two women attempt to conceal their true intentions during a job interview. With surprising twists, this play illuminates the complex web surrounding victim, predator, and accomplice.

Character Information

  • LISA
    African American / Black

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