Brandon. Brumley. Bro. (10-minute)

A black female college student at a PWI seeks peace of mind by trying to take on the identity of a frat bro.
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Brandon. Brumley. Bro. (10-minute)

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  • Lee R. Lawing:
    17 Jul. 2018
    A great spoof of a play about frat/bro culture, but like great spoofs digs a little deeper into the all too painful realities of that unspoken acceptances of that culture's wrong-doings. Two great roles for actors. So highly recommend.
  • Emily Hageman:
    3 Jul. 2018
    This is a killer play. Omorotionmwan packs a HUGE punch in eleven short pages. Not only would this be a ton of fun for both actors, but it would get a fantastic reaction out of the audience--you know, that great moment when they're laughing until they can't any more and then they feel bad for laughing before? This play bites like all strong ten minute plays should. It's entertaining and tremendously well-written, but more than anything, it's what the play SAYS that really kills. Omorotionmwan is one to watch.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    1 Jan. 2018
    An appropriation/spoof of frat bro vernacular and attitude that's side-splitting funny. Funny, but pointedly serious in its contrasting of bro and Black female identity. The character of Naima, incognito in bro threads and boat shoes, reveals the hard truth - that difficulty of being a Black woman on campus in the United States. You'd be a fool to not include this in your college's festival of short plays.

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