Sisyphus's Interview (A One-Minute Play)

Sisyphus arrives in Hades/Hell and gets career counseling from Minos.
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Sisyphus's Interview (A One-Minute Play)

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  • Mark Harvey Levine:
    11 Jan. 2022
    Every writer can relate to Sisyphus. Sometimes trying to find time to write feels like an endless struggle. This play explains why that's literally true for the original endless-struggle guy, Sisyphus, in a short, snappy and funny way. Who knew he could've had a better job. But this Sisyphus is true to his art. Great for any one minute play festival!
  • Scott Sickles:
    11 Jan. 2022
    So that’s how that happened.

    We’ve all heard of Sisyphus rolling the rock up the hill over and over and over, but most of us (including yours truly) are too lazy to look up why. Why is Sisyphus doing this? We only care about how the the myth works as a metaphor for our own struggles.

    Fortunately, Eppich-Harris has done our homework for us and created a relatable scenario involving art and bureaucracy. This is what Hell is probably going to be for most of us playwrights. Now we’re prepared.

    Thank you, Marcia, for the heads-up!

  • Elisabeth Giffin Speckman:
    27 May. 2020
    A fun, fast-paced imagining of the Underworld. Fans of Greek mythology will find many humorous treasures in this piece, and all are sure to enjoy it.

Character Information

  • Sisyphus
  • Minos