Sisyphus's Interview (A One-Minute Play)

Sisyphus arrives in Hades/Hell and gets career counseling from Minos.
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Sisyphus's Interview (A One-Minute Play)

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  • Charles Scott Jones:
    28 Sep. 2022
    Who hasn’t felt for Sisyphus on one of those days of futile repetition? SISYPHUS’S INTERVIEW - his career placement talk in Hell - is a hilarious nugget of satire. Don’t want to spoil things by revealing all that moved me up and down the hill, but this is erudite (Malebolge translated from Italian means “evil ditches”)and great fun!
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    28 Sep. 2022
    Some people just can't catch a break, even in the afterlife. Funny and says a lot about those who love to create but sometimes the work just follows them everywhere they go.
  • Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend:
    13 Jun. 2022
    Ha! Writers can definitely relate to Sisyphus in this clever one minute play. And not just writers - creative types and procrastinators in general. This is a delightful origin story with a big message for only one page. I love it.

Character Information

  • Sisyphus
  • Minos