The House of the Negro Insane

The year is 1935 and the Taft State Hospital is one of seven psychiatric facilities in the U.S. built exclusively to care for “insane and idiotic negroes,” where the homeless and downtrodden are housed alongside the criminally insane and diseased. Attius builds coffins at Taft Hospital, where he has been locked up for years, but when two new patients ask him to help them escape Attius dares to dream of a life beyond the hospital walls.
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The House of the Negro Insane

Recommended by

  • Michael Shutt:
    13 Jun. 2020
    This play will both engage and enrage you. Simultaneously bleak and hope-filled. The writing is grounded, poetic, and stunning. I can't recommend this play enough. This is a story that needs to be told and a play that needs to be seen.
  • Stephanie Alison Walker:
    22 Mar. 2018
    I saw the very first reading of this play in 2016 and I'm still thinking about it. Someone please produce this play already. The House of the Negro Insane is haunting and powerful with artful and theatrical storytelling. Because this is a Terence Anthony play, the characters are deliciously complex and richly realized. I honestly can't believed it hasn't been snatched up yet. What are you waiting for?! This is a story that needs to be told.

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