Theresa's Breasts

Theresa wants to live one million lifetimes and believes the only way to do so is to leave their husband, but Husband wants to belong to Theresa, even if that means living forever. It's a reimagining the story as old as time, of wars waged over assassinations and the murder of constellations. A genderqueer love story based off of "The Breasts of Tiresias" by Guillaume Apollinaire.
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Theresa's Breasts

Recommended by

  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    6 Jan. 2021
    The most wonderful play! I'm blown away by Palmer's use of language & her abstractions that work to bring us closer to the piece, to defamiliarize it and make us lean in. I love the story! I identify w/ Theresa in so many ways I feel as if Palmer has put me onstage in a very naked state. She exposes how trapped we are in our histories and learned binary thinking and bodies! The attempts the characters make to free themselves sing to me of possibility and hope! Thank you forever for writing this play!
  • Mario (Mars) Wolfe:
    5 Jan. 2021
    THERESA’S BREASTS speaks directly to the spirits of non-binary/gender variant folx. The vivid imagery and accessible metaphors elevate the original source material, Guillaume Apollinaire’s THE BREASTS OF TIRESIAS, and it dissects the Gender Binary in a fantastical fashion (which I live for!). I love Amber’s consistent ability to authentically voice the frustrations, insecurities, and escapist tendencies of queer souls. Amber’s work gives TLGB+ narratives the same attention to detail, importance, and heart as the heteronormative classics in the literary canon and it’s what this queer kid needs.

Character Information

  • Theresa
    genderqueer assigned female at birth, nonbinary assigned female at birth
  • Narrator
    Nonbinary, genderqueer
    The narrator should be played by someone on the creative team. Recommendations for this role are the director, the stage manager or the artistic director.
  • Husband/Spouse
    genderqueer assigned male at birth, nonbinary assigned male at birth

Development History


John Cauble One Act Play Regional Finalist
Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Region 3