Buffalo Baby

Medical history is made in Buffalo in 1850 but how much of history has been lost?
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Buffalo Baby

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  • Stephen Kaplan:
    18 Nov. 2020
    I always love when I learn something new from a play and Hoke's short audio play doesn't disappoint. She serves history smoothly alongside a dramatic story crackling with the obstacles of gender and science and shows us how sadly 1850 wasn't too far away from where we are today.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    25 Jul. 2020
    A fascinating history of the shift to when doctors were allowed in the room changing gender barriers. Well done!
  • Matthew Weaver:
    23 Jul. 2020
    Hoke takes a fascinating piece of history and brings it to life with this radio drama. She expertly delivers just enough detail of the time and place - armed with nothing but sound! - to center us. All the while, she delivers on a topic in which she is well-versed - the battle of the genders - as twenty medical students sit around, commenting on the progress of an anonymous woman as she prepares to give birth, marking a monumental moment in medical advancement. And shades of current events, as the most important progress is met by scandalized pearl clutchers.

Character Information

  • MARY
    This is a radio play; it doesn't matter what the actor looks like but she needs to have an Irish accent.
    This is a radio play; it doesn't matter what the actor looks like.
    This is a radio play and these additional voices can be cast any way one chooses.