amémonos // let us love each other

Untimely. Uncertain. Unrequited. Unemployed. When newly discarded graduate Karina Inés makes an inconvenient pilgrimage back home, Kari is surprised to find Abuela Eulalia exactly as she was six years prior. Trapped between languages, time and house keys, Kari and Eulalia are confronted with a choice; reckon with ghost of a secret unrequited or lose each other in the haze of an uncertain future.
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amémonos // let us love each other

Recommended by

  • Nick Malakhow:
    13 Jun. 2022
    A gorgeous, glorious exploration of family and intergenerational relationships and, ultimately, healing. I so loved how delicately drawn the characters were and how the slightly heightened and fabulistic exploration of the wildfires both heightened the stakes of the human story and served as a well-chosen extended metaphor--especially in the illustration of breath, breathing. Queerness and its intersection with family and religion is poignantly explored too in a way that casts aside huge fireworks and theatrics for little subtle, seismic shifts in relationships. I'd love to see this visualized onstage!
  • Daniel J. Eslick:
    24 Apr. 2022
    I love this play. Alot. Linda has put together a gorgeous intersectional take on Queerness, the Latinx experience, and a dash of climate change. The story is incredible and deserves it's recognition as a standard for what can be done onstage in the modern era.

Character Information

  • karina inés
    Guatemalan American
  • eulalia inés
    Female identifying / Femme Presenting
  • sofia inés
    Any femme identifying person
  • mae

Development History

Production History