Lieutenant Kay McClure, a hotshot pilot, meets her match in Major Anne Clarkson. As Anne pushes Kay harder and harder, questions arise. What exactly is Anne training Kay to do? David, an aspiring reporter and Kay's lover, probes deeper and discovers Anne's true motivations. 100 Planes examines the tug of war between love and ambition for female pilots in the Air Force
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Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    27 May. 2021
    A fascinating story of female ambition and what is needed to rise. Well done.
  • Lane McLeod Jackson:
    8 Feb. 2019
    Lila Rose Kaplan crafts a lyrical story that metaphorically and literally bridges different worlds, eras, and souls. With a clear theatrical mandate and characters who break your heart, "100 Planes" dismisses simplistic answers to age-old questions. Instead, it takes you on its own emotional flight path with charm, fear, ambition, desire, until leaving you at the edge of the world, daring you to take that final step alone.
  • Talya Kingston:
    6 Jan. 2019
    A magical, romantic and poetic story of female ambition - how much harder women have to push to get ahead and what we have to - or feel we have to - let go of in order to get to the top.

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