I Go Somewhere Else

FULL-LENGTH: When 70s film prom queen Carrie is your role model, your adolescence must really suck. Will Lanny grow into a well-adjusted adult who can forgive her mother's many faults? Or will she burn the whole town to the ground with telekinetic powers? Well, a girl can dream, can't she? A play full of good music, bad memories, and the hope for a better Scott Baio.
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I Go Somewhere Else

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  • Hannah C Langley:
    7 Sep. 2018
    It’s taken me over a week to process this play. But all I can say is that it was one of the most powerful and transcendent pieces about mothers, daughters, and trauma, I’ve had the pleasure to see on-stage. To tell you any more about the story would do you a disservice. Just prepare for a flood of feels that will make you hug your child/parent close when you get home.
  • David Hansen:
    4 Apr. 2018
    Our narrator, as a child, asks, "Aren't we supposed to love everybody? No matter what they've done to hurt us in the past?" When someone we love hurts us, we assume it is something we have done to deserve it. Even a blameless child thinks this. In this moving and insightful play, the playwright deftly lays out the story of a troubling mother-figure, leaving it squarely at our feet to understand her and to forgive her, as we strive to understand and forgive our own mothers. The way we hope our children may one day understand and forgive us.

Production History

  • Professional
    Playwrights' Arena


Humanitas/CTG Playwriting Prize