Clara Thomas Bailey

Nominated for the 2021 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.

Hi. My name is Clara. My name is Thomas. My name is Bailey. This is my/Ur/our story. This is a portrait in motion. A day in a life. A life in an hour. When the world's on fire. When our hearts are rent. When our bodies may be failing us. When we look at the sky and the birds too to figure out a way through again.
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Clara Thomas Bailey

Recommended by

  • David Hansen:
    4 Apr. 2021
    A magical monologue in three parts (it’s not really a monologue, but it’s like a monologue) told in second person singular, like a conversation in the mind. A tale of urban anxiety and loss, fearing pain, death and isolation, and the human aspiration for success, for contact, for calm and clarity, for creation, full of beauty and wonder and doubt. It's lovely and I highly recommend a read!
  • Toby Malone:
    30 Dec. 2020
    This is a breathtaking, deeply layered play that requires its readers and hearers to immerse themselves patiently and let the words wash over. An hour or a day or a lifetime with these three characters, separate but the same, distant but so close. This is a meditation on a life in a style that feels both like a throwback to an experimental time but also feels incredibly urgent and present and vital for today. This is something that will only deepen and expand in production and is destined to be one of the must-reads of this decade. Read it.
  • Rachael Murray:
    29 Dec. 2020
    Wow. This got me in my feelings so deeply. The writing does an incredible job of capturing the mind's eye at work, and the anxiety induced by modern life and living. I can't wait to re-read, and then see it in full production some day.

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