Breaking the Cycle (A Monologue)

A woman shares the history of violence in her family and decides it ends with her.
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Breaking the Cycle (A Monologue)

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  • Mary Karty:
    9 May. 2021
    In "Breaking the Cycle," Eppich-Harris makes the audience take a good, hard, unflinching looking into the cycle of addiction, abuse, and family. From the first few lines we can almost hear the crack of teeth from a golf club to feeling the ache of an ungiven hug. However, there is hope in this short piece. Hope of a woman who chooses peaceful, sustaining love for her family and children. Wonderful, powerful piece.
  • Rachel Feeny-Williams:
    30 Mar. 2021
    A very emotional and powerful piece. Domestic violence for those not in it can seem like something just from the news but Marcia has made this experience sound very real in this piece. I am glad it had a powerful message at the end about the choices we make. This would make a great piece for a drama student as it explores a relevant and powerful subject.

Character Information

  • Woman

Production History

  • University