Breaking the Cycle (A Monologue)

A woman shares the history of violence in her family and decides it ends with her.
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Breaking the Cycle (A Monologue)

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  • Paul Smith:
    21 Oct. 2022
    Marcia Eppich-Harris's devastating monologue is so gut-wrenching in it's description of domestic violence; so lucid in its depiction of family abuse; it utterly floors you. A voice of courage is speaking and you can feel the struggles of trying to overcome the influences of a truly terrible early life. The glimmer of hope is like a beacon shining at the end. A piece of work of supreme power.
  • Ryan Kaminski:
    30 Jun. 2021
    A profound and powerful monologue. This will keep an audience thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end and it offers a wonderful complex role for an actress. Incredibly well done!
  • Mary Karty:
    9 May. 2021
    In "Breaking the Cycle," Eppich-Harris makes the audience take a good, hard, unflinching looking into the cycle of addiction, abuse, and family. From the first few lines we can almost hear the crack of teeth from a golf club to feeling the ache of an ungiven hug. However, there is hope in this short piece. Hope of a woman who chooses peaceful, sustaining love for her family and children. Wonderful, powerful piece.

Character Information

  • Woman

Production History

  • University