Five Things (Ten Minute Play)

Battling negativity has never been so awkward.
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Five Things (Ten Minute Play)

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  • John Busser:
    12 Mar. 2022
    I thought I knew where this was going and I absolutely did not. Once the truth was revealed, the relationship between the two characters reached in and connected in a way that they seemed to before, but proved to be superficial. The deeper connection happened because the truth came out. As it should. This is a wonderful play showing how our surface interactions may be polite and nice, but true connection takes a deep dive into sometimes troubling waters. And it's worth it, every time. Terrific stuff.
  • Dana Hall:
    8 Jan. 2022
    A lecture brings two women to greater realizations about themselves. A delightful twist brings with it a turn of fate that illustrates why we are often not the best or most objective judges of ourselves. It's lovely how Marcia Eppich-Harris leaves room for actors to add a piece of themselves to the roles. I found myself wanting to try the technique described in the lecture- very interesting the point of how others will give us the benefit of the doubt that we don't often afford ourselves. Thank you for this thought-provoking piece.
  • Martha Patterson:
    21 Jun. 2021
    An interesting psychology-based play about a woman who can't come up with five TRUE good things about herself until her workshop partner helps her...a rather funny take on the self-help craze, with good roles for women.

Character Information

  • Woman
  • Whoever
    The person playing Whoever can use their real name for the character.
  • Speaker

Development History

  • Workshop
    Indiana Playwrights Circle