Ghost Play

An approximately 10-minute short comedy about two long-term partners, Emma and Zoe, who are searching for a way to spice up their sex life. Ghost Play is a sapphic sex comedy about love, consent, roleplay, and ghosts.
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Ghost Play

Recommended by

  • Lisa Sillaway:
    23 Oct. 2019
    “I’m sorry your milkshake tasted like watery asshole.”

    Ya gotta love a play that includes this line. And a ghost. And realistic + hilarious dialogue. I’m usually not a fan of shorter pieces but this one was recommended to me and it was a blast to read.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    26 Aug. 2019
    An incredibly funny sex positive play for two actors to have a blast with and make an audience roar with laughter. I had many laugh out loud moments just reading it off the page. This would be so fantastic performed live! Really fun work.
  • Sharai Bohannon:
    23 May. 2018
    I really like that this is a fun 10-minute that also shows how to talk about sex in a healthy manner when you're in a relationship. I laughed every page but inwardly applauded for the open discussion and the mutual respect these characters share. I'd like to see this produced if for no other reason it might encourage people to be more honest in the bedroom while giving them a good laugh in the process.

Production History

  • University
    The Barebones Collective; Town Crier Festival