Blue Beard

A modern adaptation of a dark folk tale. B and Rhea just got engaged, and have just moved in with each other. She can do anything she wants to the house except open the basement door. When Rhea's sibling comes to visit, dreams and reality begin to overlap begging the sisters to ask what lies beneath all of this glory?
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Blue Beard

Recommended by

  • Stephen Graff:
    29 Jan. 2022
    Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez has written a brilliantly captivating adaptation of the French horror/folktale updated to the present time. In this retelling, Blue Beard (or "B's") partner is told by him that she should never open the door to the basement even though he has given her the key. The central story has all the makings of a classic horror/suspense tale, but the subjects of this play are trauma and abuse inflicted by men and the empowerment of "victims" that must decide to take necessary action. This play approaches it's message with nuance and clever use of tropes.
  • Julie Zaffarano:
    21 Dec. 2021
    "Blue Beard" by Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez is a gripping and intense thriller. Fast paced and tight dialogue. The more we come to care about these sisters, the more we worry for them. Would love to see this play staged.

Character Information

  • B
    Charismatic, charming, protective, forceful. Seamlessly transitions into different states of being. He may physically appear different to other characters. He loves to the point of control.
  • Beda
    Passionate, intuitive, stubborn, protective, confident. They care deeply for their sister and can sense things unseen. Quick witted, they follow their intuition and does not give a f**k. A survivor.
  • Rhea
    Curious, gentle, strong when she needs to be, goes through the world with her heart open. They are the one on the journey. They are learning to be aware of a current guiding them along.

Development History

  • Commission
    Manayunk Theatre Company

Production History

  • Fringe
    Manayunk Theatre Company