The Gauntlet

ONE ACT: A superhero office comedy. Ancient and modern myths collide in the story of a supergenius billionaire inventor who can’t get over the woman who tried to kill him- even though his winsome, witty secretary is right there with the coffee.

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The Gauntlet

Recommended by

  • Brooke DeBettignies:
    1 Nov. 2019
    The Gauntlet by Reina Hardy is hands down the most unique play I have ever had the pleasure of working on. The piece is humorous, action-packed, and invokes thought regarding inner strength and power. I directed The Gauntlet during the Catalyst Festival in London and look forward to working on it again in the future.

Character Information

  • Mr. Seven
    A fast talking, confident, Robert Downey Junior type.
  • Macintosh
    Late 20s-30s,
    A charming, accommodating Girl Friday. Mr. Seven’s assistant.
  • Ellen
    40s and up,
    Highly placed in a mysterious organization. Should read as older than the other characters. Everyone’s boss.

Development History

  • Reading
    Exquisite Corpse Company

Production History

  • University
    Mountview, Catalyst Festival