Opposing Ophelia

Yvette, a former model/student of the Ophelia Devore School of Modeling & Charm, is confronted with new ideas about beauty, blackness and womanhood, when her daughter, Nina, joins the National Black Feminist Organization in 1973.
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Opposing Ophelia

Recommended by

  • Julie Zaffarano:
    28 Feb. 2020
    A sweetly heartfelt story about a mother and daughter who share their perspectives about their place in the world. Although appearing fiercely protective of their opinions, they are able to respect and learn from each other’s views.
  • Lainie Vansant:
    22 Feb. 2019
    This play warmed my heart and brought a sweet, inspired tear to my eye. Reynolds-Knott captures the essence of women helping women despite the fact that the reckless spirit of the young is determined to dismiss the wisdom of their parents. Produce it - It would be a joy to watch!
  • Karen Fix Curry:
    11 Feb. 2019
    What a lovely and timely play about two generations of black women, mother and daughter, who each in their own way, in their time in history, take a stand of their worth in society. It reminds us that every generation faces struggles. That ours is not the only one that overcomes obstacles, and by sharing, understand the journey each generation has taken. A real gem.

Development History

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    Frank SIlvera Writer's Workshop
  • Residency
    Frank Silvera Writer's Workshop - 3in3 Playwright Residency