Desire in a Tinier House

Trevin has chased his ex-boyfriend all the way to Colorado, only to fall madly in love with his ex’s friend Carlos. Trevin seduces Carlos into a trailer-bound life where they weather disasters and dystopia in their sexual island. But can their love-home outlast jealous intruders and time itself?
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Desire in a Tinier House

Recommended by

  • Nick Malakhow:
    29 Mar. 2020
    This play is intense, surprising, intimate, beautiful, and heartbreaking. Oliveira not only establishes two vividly-realized main characters and a compelling relationship, but also an entire dystopian world illustrated solely through well-chosen details about those characters' lives. I love how the piece also works for me as haunting sci-fi as well as a figurative exploration of the suffocating nature of relationships, the dual paradise-purgatory of infatuation and desire, or any number of intersectionally rich readings one can make. The pacing and structure is engrossing, the images bold, and the characters' evolving relationship fascinating. I'd love to see it live!
  • Katherine Gwynn:
    21 Dec. 2019
    I was lucky enough to see the premiere production of this play. a gorgeous play about desire yes, but also about how we hold onto one another when the world is falling apart.
  • Jelisa Jay Robinson:
    21 Nov. 2018
    Heard an excerpt of this piece in 2016 at the Fornes Presentation. I was captured at the ways that the writer uses weather, touch, and dialogue to flush out complicated and real characters.

Development History

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    Commission Theatre Company
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    Fornes Workshop

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    Pride Films and Plays