What we need at the end of the day…

My older sister and I never had a final moment when our father died many years ago. I never had a chance to reconcile with him, and because my sister and I lived so far apart, we never had an opportunity to support each other in the moment of loss.

| 10 minute play |

Siblings visit their dying, estranged father with resentment and forgiveness on their minds.
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What we need at the end of the day…

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  • Steven G. Martin:
    1 Mar. 2019
    Sometimes when loved ones die, we don't have the opportunity to be with them, to speak to them and that can be rough. Sometimes we can be around our loved ones when they die, and -- as Brian James Polak shows in this short drama -- that can be worse. These characters don't exist in the vacuum of the moment, Polak endows them with a history that affects their choices in the present. That's a treat for audiences and actors alike.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    16 Jan. 2019
    This play made me think about forgiveness and if it’s for the person who wronged, the person was wronged, or both... Letting go of your anger is, in a way, a gift to yourself even if the person doesn’t deserve to be let off the hook but at what cost? Do you lose yourself or respect for yourself in that choice? This play that sends me off on lots of questions, none of which have easy answers... Which is just what I love for in powerful stories.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    27 Sep. 2017
    Are there some people -- like those on their deathbed -- who don't deserve forgiveness? Are there limits to forgiveness? Are you a terrible person if you can't forgive a terrible person? This powerful short play leaves you asking some important questions on forgiveness, empathy, and responsibility for family members.


Heideman Award
Actor's Theatre of Louisville