Screen Play

A relationship is disrupted when a random Google search leads one partner to reveal a disturbing moment from his past.
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Screen Play

Recommended by

  • Vivian Lermond:
    25 Mar. 2020
    Hansen gives us a powerful piece of writing. His well-crafted characters and their conflict confront us with a high dose of realism and a razor-sharp message.
  • Rey Dabalsa:
    12 Nov. 2019
    Powerful depiction of the dangers of misguided perception. One person's average sexual encounter is another's forced assault. What I love most about this piece is that it will undoubtedly make the audience think, wonder, evaluate any and all encounters with the opposite sex. Any piece which forces an audience to think, to re-evaluate past experiences is a success in my mind. This piece is not easy to watch (and I imagine it won't be easy to perform), but it is this difficulty which produces its BRILLIANCE! Thought-provoking and powerful! What more can we ask of a play?
  • Jackie Martin:
    15 Apr. 2019
    The journey of "Screen Play" is masterfully crafted, with each moment building momentum right up to the end. The scenario is real and relatable, and I imagine audience members - male and female alike - asking themselves many of the same questions they encounter through what begins as a simple conversation between HE and SHE. This play will stay with me for a long time.

Production History

  • Professional
    Cleveland Public Theatre