Produced by PlayZoomers (2021)

(10 Min) Sixteen-year-old Ethan needs to defrost a meal before his basketball game, but Mike, an aging microwave oven, refuses to open her door--forever. A play about give and take with a common household appliance.
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Recommended by

  • Emily Hageman:
    12 Jun. 2021
    I absolutely love this play. O'Grady's personification plays are such a delight. What I love about this play is it has so much humor, but so much heart. Truly, only O'Grady could make you go "awww" over a play about a microwave!

Character Information

  • Mike
    A microwave oven. Kind but stubborn. (I imagine MIKE with short gray hair but that's just a suggestion.)
  • Ethan
    A sixteen-year-old human boy

Production History

  • Professional