The Mirror

A woman's workout device starts giving her advice well beyond the day's exercise regiment.
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The Mirror

Recommended by

  • Veronica Tjioe:
    8 Aug. 2021
    A refreshing Covid-era play that explores the sense of possibility and re-evaluation of what our lives could be that arose during lock-down.
  • Shaun Leisher:
    5 Aug. 2021
    Did a lot of cheering and fist pumping by the end of this play!! Love the journey Meredith goes on in such a short number of pages.
  • Alexander Perez:
    17 Mar. 2021
    A breakneck comedy that accurately depicts the collective "walls closing in" feeling of the last year. Shit jobs, bad relationships, and neglected health regimens are just the tip of the iceberg and Young's heroine is ready to take life back from the wolves.

    In a sea of hackneyed COVID-era plays, this stands tall as an example of how to parse collective trauma in a way that's funny, true, and affirming.


2021 Samuel French’s OOB Theater Short Play Festival, Top 30 Playwright