Dan Copper is a charming prep school English teacher with an eye for his students. After years of getting away with it, Dan is reunited with a woman from his past who knows some things he wishes she didn’t. Trash is a play about sex, power and complicity.
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  • Jack William Rodgers:
    21 Jan. 2018
    Phenomenal example of how serial abusers in positions of power exploit their status over and over again. Each new relationship between Dan and one of his students is unique and yet exactly the same without ever feeling repetitive. Easy to produce and sure to give audiences a lot to talk about on their way home, TRASH is the perfect play for any small to mid-sized theater looking for a production to round out their season while giving opportunities to young women wanting to express their frustration in our current social climate.
  • Jordan Elizabeth Henry:
    3 Jan. 2018
    This play tackles the nuances and subtleties of male power in relationships. Kate Mulley expertly builds a case against Dan Copper, a character who you want to like and want to make concessions for. TRASH is deceptively simple; it was only upon reaching the end that I realized how carefully Mulley structured this piece of theatre to leave you without question of Copper's guilt: here is a man who knows the difference between right and wrong, and keeps charting an easy path for himself, leaving women damaged in his wake.

Development History

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    Studio Tisch
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    VoxFest/Dartmouth College