Son of Apollo

Phaethon desperately wants to prove he is not only Apollo's child, but Apollo's son. His mother Clymene fears Phaethon enlists harmful affectations to prove his identity to others.

A ten-minute play exploring a conflicting desire for and fear of "masculinity."
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Son of Apollo

Recommended by

  • Andrew Martineau:
    11 Dec. 2021
    “You are what you say you are/that’s how it works,” Clymene tells her son, Phaethon. This is a powerful play about a young offspring trying to prove his masculinity to the father he wants love and affirmation from, and the mother who gives him kind words of affirmation and acceptance. Beautifully written with strong roles for actors.

Character Information

  • Phaethon
    teens to 20s,
    Transman, transmasculine
    Must be played by a transman or trans-masc nonbinary actor, no exceptions
  • Clymene
    Phaethon's mother

Development History

Production History

  • Professional
    Pomegranate Room
  • Fringe
    DC Queer Theatre Festival