All The Pretty Colored Bottles Under The Sink

[10 Minute] Every night, Audrey and Vanessa go to the same party. All it would take to end it all would be for Audrey to say the words everyone else already knows, but it’s more complicated than that.
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All The Pretty Colored Bottles Under The Sink

Recommended by

  • Paul Donnelly:
    29 Jan. 2023
    An eerie and surprising psychological thriller. The misdirection is superb and the characters well-crafted and compelling. I was intrigued and then horrified in the most gripping way.
  • Joe Swenson:
    16 Jan. 2023
    Hannah Lee DeFrates is an exceptional mystery/twist writer. This play further confirms the previous statement. The brilliance of Hannah's writing is that everyone knows the twist, you feel the twist, there's a sense of what the twist is, but if you don't read it until the end you'll miss the actual twist. Hannah's creativity knows no bounds and that's part of the art of Hannah's writing. I have an incredible amount of respect for how she approaches her work and how she pushes her characters to the brink of potential disaster. This work needs to be produced.
  • Adam Richter:
    5 Jan. 2023
    What a creepy and foreboding play! Hannah Lee DeFrates sets the perfect tone with this thriller, playing the tension perfectly throughout so that even when you think you know the answer to the mystery, the climax still comes as a shock.
    This would be a great addition to an evening of horror plays. Bravo!

Character Information

  • Audrey
    A woman with a secret everyone knows; Reveler
  • Jamie
    More of a prop than a person
  • Vanessa
    Friend of Audrey’s, just wants to go home; Reveler
  • The Intruder
    Mysterious figure; perhaps an extension of Audrey
  • Revelers
    Other people at the party; a mindless ensemble;

    (Can be as large or as small of an ensemble as needed)

Production History

  • University
    Boston College Contemporary Theatre