Adventures In Slumberland

On the night before Christmas in 1905, a sleeping boy's head is full of magic as he strives to keep a play-date with his friend the Princess of Slumberland, and on the way help Santa, and maybe make the world a better place! Based on the characters of Winsor McCay.
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Adventures In Slumberland

Recommended by

  • Hayley St. James:
    8 Mar. 2021
    A deeply imaginative throwback to a simpler time. This charming and magical homage to the classic Winsor McCay comic strip, is a delightful and entertaining TYA play for anyone to read - or ideally see! Fabulous possibilities abound for designers and creatives.
  • Wesley Korpela:
    20 Aug. 2019
    The world of Little Nemo lends itself to the stage as can be seen over the course of the past 100 years. Hansen does a wonderful job translating the comic into a script, capturing the marvel and wonder of the McCay characters and fantasy.
  • Porter Jamison:
    1 Jul. 2018
    Captures the fantastically idiosyncratic essence of W. McCay. If your teams are looking for a distinct stylistic and narrative challenge (and they should be, yes?), this is a wonderfully-crafted world to build both from and towards.

Character Information

  • Woman 1
    Little Nemo
  • Woman 2
    Mama, Slave/Other, Princess Camille, Moppet
  • Woman 3
    Imp, Poor Mother
  • Man 1
    Newsie, Flip, Urchin
  • Man 2
    Candy Kid, Father Time, Guard, Cripp
  • Man 3
    Morpheus, Giant Fish, Santa Claus, Mayor

Production History

  • Professional
    Talespinner Children's Theatre