Adventures In Slumberland

On the night before Christmas in 1905, a sleeping boy's head is full of magic as he strives to keep a play-date with his friend the Princess of Slumberland, and on the way help Santa, and maybe make the world a better place! Based on the characters of Winsor McCay.
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Adventures In Slumberland

Recommended by

  • Porter Jamison:
    1 Jul. 2018
    Captures the fantastically idiosyncratic essence of W. McCay. If your teams are looking for a distinct stylistic and narrative challenge (and they should be, yes?), this is a wonderfully-crafted world to build both from and towards.
  • Emily Hageman:
    6 Apr. 2018
    It's rare to find a play that would work so well for young audiences. Not only would they marvel at the incredible spectacle that this show requires (which would be the dream of any ambitious designer!), but they would be encouraged by the strong and beautiful message--that anyone of any age and any size can be of great importance. Sweet, sincere and never pandering, Hansen has crafted a quality show that would be the jewel of any children's theatre.
  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    26 Sep. 2017
    The '89 animated film shook me. This gung-ho stripling's warped, breakneck, nighttime chimeras sink my heart into my stomach and turns it into butterflies. My tummy always feels funny with Nemo. His tales fascinate and consternate; they're genuinely intriguing, scary but engaging. Why is this? McCay and Hansen accomplish the feat of tapping into the part of a child's mind that seeks more devotedly to follow through, solve, and understand. Just as one does in a dream. The potential kiss from the princess remains most frightening. Flip's attitudes bestow moral reference. Think about giving this small play a big budget.

Character Information

  • Woman 1
    Little Nemo
  • Woman 2
    Mama, Slave/Other, Princess Camille, Moppet
  • Woman 3
    Imp, Poor Mother
  • Man 1
    Newsie, Flip, Urchin
  • Man 2
    Candy Kid, Father Time, Guard, Cripp
  • Man 3
    Morpheus, Giant Fish, Santa Claus, Mayor

Production History

  • Professional
    Talespinner Children's Theatre