Adventures In Slumberland

On the night before Christmas in 1905, a sleeping boy's head is full of magic as he strives to keep a play-date with his friend the Princess of Slumberland, and on the way help Santa, and maybe make the world a better place! Based on the characters of Winsor McCay.
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Adventures In Slumberland

Recommended by

  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    26 Sep. 2017
    The '89 animated film shook me. This gung-ho stripling's warped, breakneck, nighttime chimeras sink my heart into my stomach and turn it into butterflies. My tummy always feels funny with Nemo. His tales fascinate and consternate; they're genuinely intriguing, scary but engaging. Why is this? McCay and Hansen accomplish the feat of tapping into the part of a child's mind that seeks more devotedly to follow through, solve, and understand. Just as one does in a dream. The potential kiss from the princess remains most frightening. Flip's attitudes bestow moral reference. Think about giving this small play a big budget.

Production History

  • Professional
    Talespinner Children's Theatre