A La Roro

“A La Roro” is a Latin-American lullaby. This play explores the topics of immigration and biculturalism by using the characters of The Boogeyman and La Llorona (legendary ghost in Latin-American folklore) who fight over who has the right to scare a little boy.
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A La Roro

Recommended by

  • Rachael Carnes:
    23 Apr. 2019
    A beautiful piece, full of lush language and wonderfully developed characters, exposing and exploring the toughest subject matter, with humor and grace. If I taught middle or high school, I'd have my students read this play in their classroom, as it approaches our world in a way that is accessible and articulate to all ages. This is such a great play. Bravo!
  • Claudia Haas:
    30 Apr. 2018
    This is just a beautiful take on immigration as seen through a young boy and his nightmares. The fantasy gets just frightening enough before Michael/Miguel stops being scared and young audiences will be drawn into it. The debate about who has the right to scare the boy is both humorous and poignant. The use of a child's night terror perfectly highlights the political climate of our time. It's sweet with a little ghostly chill.
  • Franky Gonzalez:
    26 Apr. 2018
    A wonderful nightmare about acceptance, equality, and the straddling the line of two cultures. Art Por Diaz creates a world where having to choose becomes an humorous exercise in impossibility. There is so much heart and tenderness here that children will love, with whispers of the themes that parents of bicultural children have to reckon with. A beautiful play about a boy and his two would-be scary monsters. This is a play that needs to be seen in more children's theatres.

Production History

  • Professional
    Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival


Gary Garrison National Ten Minute Playwriting Award