Mama, I wish I were silver

On a cold January day in 2020, Sofia and Ariel, two estranged Filipina American half-sisters, reunite in Virginia to clean out the photographs, papers, and letters of their recently deceased mother. When they find a cassette tape seemingly recorded during martial law in the Philippines, when Ariel was born, they realize that what their mother left behind has a life of its own.
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Mama, I wish I were silver

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  • Joye Otto:
    14 Aug. 2022
    There is so much beauty in this play regarding two estranged sisters who come together after the death of their mother. Sometimes delicate, sometimes lovely and sometimes haunting, the legacy of political conflict and its relationship to future generations is evident. Underneath the dialog between characters lies an intricate net of identity that each character navigates. Again, well done and so poignant.

Development History

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    Panndora Productions
  • Commission
    The Vagrancy


Jane Chambers Award for Feminist Playwriting