How Do You Say, Hola

A grandfather hangs out with his grandchildren after arriving from Mexico. A conversation erupts, and we witness the disconnect in language and family ties between grandson and grandfather.
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How Do You Say, Hola

Recommended by

  • Lindsay Partain:
    23 Apr. 2018
    A rich, thoughtful piece about family, language, and the walls we build around ourselves. --The extra layer that this piece gives is my own reliance to a translator-- I know some but not much and when it came time for that beautiful monologue at the end I was blown away and left a little sad knowing that I was no better than the ignorant grandchild portrayed in HOW DO YOU SAY, HOLA. Beautiful and tragic. Well done Art Por Diaz!
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    14 Apr. 2018
    A powerful ten-minute about family, generations, identity, the culture we decide to hold on to, and the culture we decide to lose. The use of both English and Spanish is used to great effect, and the characters are drawn with such ease and clarity. HOLD DO YOU SAY, HOLA makes me excited to read more of Art Por Diaz's work.
  • Caitlin Turnage:
    13 Oct. 2017
    This is a great short play about cross communication within immigrant families and the power of being close to your past your present and your future! This piece would be a great addition to any ten minute festival!

Production History

  • Community Theater
    La Raza Latina