Undead Anonymous

Welcome to Undead Anonymous, a place for those struggling to find life among the living.
Whether you are a vampire, ghost, zombie, mummy or just cursed with eternal life, this is a
supportive environment to vent your frustrations, find new connections and discover you are not
truly alone.

At least, that's Sarah's dream - to create a group for people like her. But will it work?
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Undead Anonymous

Recommended by

  • Shaun Leisher:
    6 May. 2018
    I feel the topic of this play is one that would be typically handled in a broadly comedic way but in the hand's of Gina Femia it is a meditation on life, death, regret and the treatment of those the dominant culture labels "other." I'm not saying it's not at times funny but it's really heartbreaking and beautiful piece that is an absolute gift for an actor longing to test the limits of their versatility.
  • David Hansen:
    23 Apr. 2018
    Femia's play is very funny, and a tremendous performance challenge; a monodrama through which one actor performs all of those attending a support group for "the undead." Through their monologues, memoirs and confessions, they share their fears, disappointments and anger at having been separated from humanity. These lost and lonely monsters eloquently describe their situation with wit and passion, each a unique example for the denial and acceptance of illness, addiction, difference in its many forms.

    We all strive for acceptance, and some come by it best through solidarity. "Undead Anonymous" is a lovely elegy of hope.

Production History

  • Workshop
    The United Solo Festival