| 10-Minute | At first they appear to be two young strangers waiting for the bus. A young couple confronts questions of gender, sexuality, and who they really are.
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  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    1 May. 2019
    Theatre is at its best when it shows us how transformation can transform us and this does exactly that in a beautiful love story with more twists than a 60s dance club! What a well-conceived theatrical short! I'd love to see it onstage!
  • Robert Lynn:
    20 Feb. 2018
    When I see a well-written 10-minute play like M-I-S-S, I always want to spend more time with the characters. Brianna Barrett connects with a big relationship issue, bringing up the questions that may take these two a long time to answer. The only thing we know for certain is they love each other. Loved the whimsical humor in the middle of the big issue conflict.
  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    21 Nov. 2017
    You only have so much time to profess your love for someone. Make it count. Barrett has a tough, brutal, pointed, and poignant play here about the struggles so many of us will never know. These characters deserve more than a glance. It's all they, or anyone, longs for. That's the beauty, purpose, and significance of this piece.

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