Paper Towels

ONE-ACT: A man that lost everything in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is about to attack the people of the government that left them forgotten. The only thing standing between him and this heinous act? His cousin and an echo dot.
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Paper Towels

Recommended by

  • J.Lois Diamond:
    4 Jan. 2019
    This play jumps and soars off the page, full of passion and fury. Heart breaking yet full of warmth and humor. Diaz-Marcano has a unique voice, which is confident, playful and daring. I can't wait to see this produced.
  • Larry Rinkel:
    15 Dec. 2018
    Inexorably powerful and gripping. In the wake of Hurricane Maria and the hell on earth that is now Puerto Rico, cousins Mariel and Toño are locked in a stalemate where she tries to prevent him from committing mass murder to call attention to the neglected island's suffering. They resolve it by playing a kids' game with the result that Toño kills himself, and Mariel is left to wipe up his blood with the "paper towels" that were Donald Trump's horrifically insufficient response to the crisis.
  • Franky Gonzalez:
    20 Apr. 2018
    "I am empty of words which is why I’m holding this big ass weapon."

    These words to the heart of a problem that we must reckon with as a country. The catalyst for this play and the situation may have been Hurricane Maria, but the build up is centuries old. Diaz-Marcano creates a play that goes beyond the political and touches the deeply human. At its center is love. A wounded love, but love nevertheless. It's the lashing out of the desperate and suffering. A marvelous play that bears reading and discussion, no matter how uncomfortable that conversation.

Development History

  • Workshop
    The Brick Theater

Production History

  • Professional
    Emerging Artists Theatre