Monkey Love

Deep in the forests of Assam, India, a human couple falls out of love, while a monkey couple falls in love. It's silly, folks. But fun.
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Monkey Love

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    22 Apr. 2021
    A fantastic and thought provoking romantic comedy on love and trust with monkeys! It's wonderful!
  • Larry Rinkel:
    12 Apr. 2019
    Set in the forests of Assam, India, the play takes a droll, farcical look at romantic relations between a pair of humans and a pair of gibbons who speak excellent English including quotations from Shakespeare (except that when the humans finally interact with the monkeys, neither understands each other). Who is observing whom, and can one species trust and communicate with another? Underneath the wit and fun, this romantic comedy (where the monkeys fall in love and the humans break up with each other) poses interesting questions about how much in common we humans have with other species.
  • Ellen Koivisto:
    10 Dec. 2018
    A gibbon with OCD quoting Shakespeare in the tree above the human researcher on the ground, absurdly fun language, star-crossed lovers, lots of leaves, and environmental change -- this is an amazingly imaginative story of the mating and duetting rituals of two sets of closely related primates and we, the audience, who become observers/researchers by watching it all play out. And there's a lot of "play" in this play. Highly recommended and really, really fun!

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